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We provide Free educational software, Study materials for Japanese, English and Computer related tuts. We also provide design solutions, UI consulting and custom software development services.

kids.harushi.com: For kids, Pre-schoolers, we are introducing "Learning with Harushi". The easiest method to learn and remember. Our teaching methodology is "I hear, I see and I remember". Teaching materials include audio / video / image content along with the text, which helps the learner to easily memorize the subject. Learn More.

jlpt.harushi.com: This site focuses on learning Japanese language and concentrates mainly on the kanji/kotoba for jlpt. Using quiz based tutorials you can learn faster and test your skills simultaneously. Memorize all the JLPT Kanji and Kotobas Now.

ds.harushi.com: We provide solution and service for all your design and user interface needs. From Logo design to website creation to software UI consulting. Learn how we can help you.

Products: Enterprise solutions for educational institutions.
Create and publish tutorials and educational materials to use with lwh program. Students can learn using the materials you create. They can test their skills using the learnfast quiz master program.

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www.harushi.com is in its beta phase
Other Projects Under Development: Educational Posters, Stock Photos, LearnFast, TSNS, India SNS
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